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Drugs Power Store is young dynamicly developing RC-company, founded in February 2009. We are situated in Hong Kong and our chemical laboratory is located in Hunan province, China. Besides, we have a reliable suppliers and manufacturers of chemical raw-materials and pharmaceuticals all over the world, with whom, we have signed long-term contracts on supplying.




The primary task of our company is to do business openly, working at stable and long-term basis, realizing a marked plans, satisfying client needs. Reliability, responsibility and loyalty – are solid grounds and most valuable key moments in business atmosphere of our enterprise, accompanying success to our business.




Our main goal – is a granting of high-quality products and offer high-effective service with competitive prices for our customers. In addition, Drugs Power Store works on extension of consumers network all over the world. We have signed up the business contracts and agreements with several reliable high-qualified producers and suppliers of raw-materials and ready goods in China, India, Pakistan and Netherlands. We can certainly state that our business contacts and communication networks are amplifying all over the world.




All these united factors do our company reliable and attractive, which can provide to our customers high competitive prices and excellent quality goods.




Drugs Power Store always takes into consideration preferences of clients, wishing get in time the ordered product to the specified by them address or destination. Working honestly and confidentially, we try to cooperate with business partners and buyers, for mutual profit and beneficial cooperation and possibility of real and serious development.



If you have any questions concerning our commodities or service, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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