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What is express or mailing company can I get products?

Actually, we use EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX service of delivery.  The cost of goods delivery is already included in products price. Dispatch of commodities is realized within 1-2 days since moment of payment arrival on the banking account.


Using these companys, expects quickest way of cargo’s delivery. Herewith, we inform tracking number to you and you will always be able to check out where exactly your parcel is found. Additionally, the parcel will be brought directly to your home.


How does parcel look like?

All products are packed in the separate small plastic packages and ziplocks, then in ordinary plastic envelopes or carton boxes depending on weight and contents. There are not any inscriptions on the external envelope or boxes side, speaking of the contents and its price.


What will be indicated in delivery receipts, at earl "description of contents"?

In the given earl we will indicate, for instance, that this is sample of our production.  We will let you know after you order the goods, what is name of product  we have used. The mentioned sample names are all legal and safe in applying.


Why exactly not write real all product names, sent by you? 

There are many reasons. First of all, for provision of your safety. Why do you want to spare attention? In the case if we will indicate cargo’s name, then the given parcel has more chances to get on Customs checking and finally disadvantage will be reflected on period of its delivery. Certainly, you will get the parcel but this will occur much later than you would want that, as checking can be month and even more.


Do you insure cargo?

We are sorry, we don’t do that. The workers of the transported or courier company will be surprised having heard that the parcel by weight 150 grams can cost thousands of US dollars. This will bring unnecessary attention to you and us.


Can I get the cargo by another company?

Sorry, but you can’t.  Please trust us as we have a rich experience of work with different carriers. EMS, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT we consider as most optimum from available.


What way of delivery do you recommend?

We advise EMS and other above mentioned delivery ways.  First, you needn’t pay separately for EMS and other courier delivery. Secondly, this is not government organizations, expecting adequate attitude to the undertaken obligations. Additionally, this is service of delivery "from door to door".


Can you send cargo to my P.O. box?

Yes, we can.


Can you send the parcel as poste-restante?

Sure, we can.


Where is my number for tracking?

If you have paid the order but still have not got the tracking number then please contact us through form on website or by email, Skype, ICQ, MSN. We will do all our best asap in order that such case would not repeated in the future.



I have wrongly indicated the delivery address. But parcel is already sent to me. Can you send cargo to the correct address again?

We can’t.  We have executed all the undertaken obligation on us. Please be careful and attentive when filling up the form of order.


 I made the order but I have noticed mistake in the address. What should I do?

Enter to our website using your own account data and delete it order. Then form it once again or notify us asap by email and other way of contacts. However, this time please fill up correctly the address of delivery.


In which country do you send the cargo?

We send parcels in any point of the world.


From what country do you send parcels?

All depend on products name, which you are ordering.  The most of goods we send from China,, where our chemical laboratory is located. Also we send some goods by dropshipping from other countries, directly from manufacturers, with whom we have signed up contracts on supplying.


What does that mean “dispatch on dropshipping” from other countries of the world?

This is the dispatch straightly from our contracted supplier-companies situated in above-mentioned countries, to your specified address of delivery. This procedure spares time, facility, terms as courier type of delivery such as EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX is used.


What does that suppose, “a part of goods you ship from China” and will not appear the difficulties at passing Customs by parcel?

From China, we send big quantity products of our laboratory directly to the customers. This is suitable and quick. 

Coming from our experience, never was any incident at Customs and border passing when delivery is EMS or other DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX service. All our goods are legal at most countries, additionally we declare in invoices the different safe products name, putting COA certificates of covering safe chemicals inside of parcel.


What is term of delivery by EMS, for example in Europe?

The delivery, for example, from China to London or Paris by EMS is 3-4 day. In New York, Montreal, Sidney delivery by EMS from China is about 4-5 days.




How can I pay my order?

At present, we accept banking transfers T/T and money orders on payment systems "Western Union",“Paypal", "Moneygram", “Xoom” and other various ways of payment, specified by payment service in time of the order registration. The price on some goods is not shown. In such event, you may send us request through contact data asking for commodities cost and we will let you know its price and requisitions of payment method, suitable for you. We remind that there is only 100% prepayment on all types of payment. We do not send goods in credit, on 50% prepayment or cash on delivery.


Can I pay order not using banking transfer? Pay by other method?

Sure, you can, just write to us and we will answer to you, explaining how you can do that.


Can you accept payment by "Paypal", "Moneygram", “Xoom”?

Certainly, we can. Please, contact us and we will let you know details.


Can I pay the order in euro on dollar exchange rate?

Yes, you can pay according to the exchange rate on date of the order registration.


When you will send the cargo?

The term of the order process is about 1-2 days after funds arrival.


The money were withdrawn from my account but you still have not sent the cargo. What is wrong?

Sometimes it happens that money withdrew from your account, but long not getting to our account. Usually, the payment term passing from 2 to 3 working banking days because of  there are banks mediators between your and our bank. If for that time we have not got funds, then please apply for explanations in bank, where you did transferring.


Is it necessary to save the copies of  banking documents, on which I have made the payment?

Yes, sure. In the same way, we ask you to send us the copies to our e-mail or by Skype. Let us know also your delivery address and telephone number as well.


I have paid the order by "Western Union" or "Moneygram". What should me do further?

"Western Union" and "Moneygram" are very suitable and instant transfers. The funds are gettiing to receiver ar once, accordingly, the order processing term is decreased. The given types of transfer there are in any bank practically and not require the opening of account. After realization given transfer, you should inform us controlling number of the transfer (MTCN), amount, name and surname, city and country of sender. It’s advisable immediately let us know your address for delivery and telephone number too.


I have paid, but change the mind to get the cargo. Can I get money back?

We are sorry, we do not return money back. This is connected with very complicated mechanism of refund.  So, make sure that you really need this product.




Are you sure that your goods are legal?

Yes, we think so, but it depends on country and its law. We preferably try not selling illegal goods. However, it is not excluded the possibility that you may have a problems with authority because of their preconceived attitude to you or because of studies, which they conducted, for instance, on outdated spectrum device.


Can I buy an illicit drugs at your company?

Don’t ask us to sell you anything illegal. We can’t help you in this matter or somehow promote execution of your request.


The products which you sell are not analogs of illegal stuffs?

In many countries of the world no have practice to accept some stuffs as analogs and no have legislation forbidden them. You should be aware of this.


For what purposes can I gain your goods?

Exclusively for research chemicals goal. Our products cannot be used by not experienced people in chemical sphere.  Please, remember about that.


Can you send me free sample?

We are sorry, we can’t send you free sample. But we offer you to buy the small quantity at us as sample on reasonable and affordable price, this will allow to you make the necessary study and chemical research. Usually, the minimum order is 50-100 grams (one product) up to the demanded stuff but also we can supply 10g sample sometimes. This is our company rule, please understand it and don’t waste our time asking send you 0,5g, 1g or 5g sample. If you order 50g of one product then we can enclose small free samples of other several goods inside of parcel. 


What’s 100 grams cost of the product xxx ?

We can let you know price on inquiry by email or trough Skype, MSN.


I want to get discount when buying your products. Can I get it?

We represent discounts solely from already the paid orders, taken into account history of your orders. We don’t give discounts just because you promise to order big quantity order in the future.

Also, our wholesale prices already have the discounts. As more quantity you order then you get more % discount.


Nevertheless, I’d like to get goods on cheaper price. Can I get so?

We can give you discount but if you make really voluminous order.


Can you tell me how to use your products?

We proffer our goods for research purposes only, which conduct the skilled specialists.  All necessary information about effects, processing or results of products researching you can get from internet search on Google or Yahoo.


Do you sell xxx compounds?

If you don’t see interesting you compounds on our website, then it means we are not selling them.

However we welcome any offers if you want to buy something, not available at our website. We can search it for you in China or Thailand. Also we do Custom Synthesis. Certainly, product must be legal on territory of your country.


Can you make Custom Synthesis of other chemical stuffs?

Sure, we can. Just look at some section calling Custom Synthesis at our website and you will find there list of RC products which we can prepare for you. Actually, we can produce over 500 chemical names.


How about the quality of your products and with what countries manufacturers do you work?

The quality of our product accords to all European standards, goods are certified and tested by a lot of customers from different countries within 2 years which we are in the market. We work and cooperate with such country-producers as India, Netherlands, China, Pakistan.


Clients data


Your system has not sent to me an account registration confirmation on my email. What me to do?

Your registration confirmation can come to your email not immediately, but through 10-15 minutes. Twice check that you have indicated the correct address of your email it is. In the same way, you check please, aren’t our letter found in Spam-box or Removed. In any case, use Gmail or other more reliable service of letters reception.


What you will do with my personal data?

We only save data connected with your order. We never will sell or reveal them to whomever.


Can you delete information about my order from your website?

Certainly we can, just send us request and we immediately will delete whole information about you, including any orders detail.


Our favorite questions

I am not sure that you guys will behave honestly with me. Please, becalm me, saying that you are not going to steal my money.

Do you really think that this is a wise decision to ask seller that is he going to steal your money? We receive similar questions at least once per week. It’s curious enough that part of these questions come after client had been paid the order. Finally, we can give you tracking number on which we sent you cargo.


Can I be sure that sending to you money on 100% prepayment,  you honestly will send goods and will not disappear from view?

You certainly can be sure that we will supply goods to you accordingly to your order. We work honestly, openly, on prospect expanding of market, attracting the stable regular customers and maintenance of reputation. As it is spoken: "Reputation – more expensive than money".

The single deals interest us least of all. We need real constant customers. Having satisfied your needs for the first order, we hope that you will return and make more weighty order in assortment of products and greater amount, having become permanent our buyer.


I have got your parcel. My friend has seen of parcel’s contents and said that this is other chemical compound not such "clean" as it was declared.

We don’t accept the unfounded statements. Please make the necessary study or test and hereinafter we will be able to consider your claim.


I have forgotten my password to enter in my account. I tried to use the function of password restoration but it does not send to me necessary message. Can you help me? My e-mail: xxxxxxx@gmail.com

Look! If you will be able correctly to guess your e-address, then you will get the report on password change. We are surprised how often people ask us about that. Please, do not ask us to say you your address of e-mail, you should understand that you are asking us to give you the details of confidential personal information which we can’t reveal to anyone.

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